all about feelings…ten years ago, i carried it with me to new york city…times are changing…


About titus

photography... text... object... installation & video... 41mm... is more than the normal point of view... in the eighties i studied at the Berliner Werkstatt für Photographie...
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2 Responses to subjective.objective…

  1. Wonderful cameras indeed Titus. A camera to be cherished. And if I am right, but please correct me if I am wrong, this is a 35s with the f/2.8 sonnar lens.

    They, the camera manufacturers, unfortunately don’t make cameras like that anymore.

  2. titus says:

    Hello Wouter,

    you are right. This is my Rollei 35 S (Sonnar 2,8/40) and i have not seen such a fine and robust camera in the digital times, until today.

    Good luck to you,


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