About titus

photography... text... object... installation & video... mail.to...titus.grall(at)gmx.de 41mm... is more than the normal point of view... in the eighties i studied at the Berliner Werkstatt für Photographie...
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4 Responses to face.to.face…

  1. John says:

    very nice, the patterns in the coat and the tonality make this photo stand out.

    • titus says:

      Hello John,

      thank for your comment. Good luck to you and lots of inspiration for your photography work.

      All the best, titus

  2. The way you composed is unbelievable. Very powerful and you to take comfort from her.

    • titus says:

      Hello Wouter,

      thanks a lot for your comment. And yes (!) – photography is teamwork. You are not alone. Whether people or objects. All is about feeback, all about communication.

      All best, titus

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